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John Collins meets Isaac Newton

John Collins describes meeting Isaac Newton in a letter to James Gregory dated 24 December 1670. This meeting must have occurred shortly after Newton had been appointed Lucasian Professor following Isaac Barrow’s resignation: Mercator pretends to sum a harmonic progression with ease … I never saw Mr Isaac Newton (who is younger than yourself) but […]

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Charles Bossut on Leibniz and Newton

Charles Bossut wrote A General History of Mathematics from the Earliest Times to the Middle of the Eighteenth Century which was published in 1802. It was translated into English by J Bonnycastle, Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, and the English translation was published in London in 1803. Over the years historians have greatly increased our understanding of past […]

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Newton’s Arian beliefs

Newton became an Arian around 1672. First let us explain the Arian doctrine. It is a Christian heresy first proposed early in the 4th century by the Alexandrian Arius which, based on a study of the Bible, stated the belief that Jesus was more than man, but less than God. In other words Arians do […]

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